Sculptures Made of Recycled Flipflops

These colorful toys and animal shaped masterpieces are made from 100% recycled flipflops!

Ocean Sole, an organization in Kenya, that cares about the ocean, its ecosystems and marine wildlife found a creative and productive way to save the coastline from pollution. 

The thousands scattered rubber soles on beaches of Kenya are swallowed by fish & other animals and obstruct turtles reaching the sea.

Sounds strange but thousands of flipflops that are washed up in waterways of Kenya put in real danger the ecosystem.

The artisans of Ocean Sole found an interesting way to protect their environment from the flipflops.

How? By transforming them into colorful masterpieces in the shape of elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, dolphins, sharks, turtles. So the people in Kenya stopped throwing away the flipflops and started cleaning the beaches and making masterpieces, sending this way a message to the whole world.

Love the colors!

Now in workshops in Nairobi work over 100 individuals.

What a wonderful way to preserve the natural beauty of the planet!

via: hitandrun