Creative Mirror Marble Cakes by Olga Noskova

A Russian confectioner, Olga Noskova,  makes  unique cakes that look like marbling mirrors. Her stunning cakes became popular just few days ago. Yesterday, on her Instagram account,  she expressed her joy and surprise for the thousands people that started following her on Instagram.

The frosting is so shiny that you can even see your reflection.

The sparkling filling is so impressive!

She keeps her recipes secret but the Reddit user SuperDrew124 shared a recipe for mirror marble cakes.

Here is the recipe:


20g Gelatin Powder

120 g water

300 g glucose

300 g sugar

150 g water

200 g sweetened cond milk

300 g chocolate (white, milk, dark or a combination)

Food Coloring

How to:

  1. Bloom gelatin in water
  2. Boil the glucose, sugar and water

  3. Remove from heat and add the gelatin

  4. Add the cond milk

  5. Pour over chocolate and buerre mix to get rid of any air bubbles; use at 35C/95F.

For the marble effect combine different color glazes.

Too pretty to eat!