22 Beautiful Fall Planters for Easy Outdoor Fall Decorations

fall planter pots on porch and patio with mums, kale and pumpkins

Today we will explore some glorious fall planters great for Thanksgiving and fall decorations, including many inspiring fall planter ideas and container garden inspirations with Mums, pumpkins, kale, and other ornamental plants,  best fall flowers for pots, other decorative elements like straw or seed pods, and more!


Group 1: Using Ornamental Kale to Create beautiful Fall Planters

colorful porch fall garden pots with Ornamental Kale and cabbage plants, and pumpkins in autumn harvest season.

fall container garden urn with peppers, grasses, and cabbage on front porch

Purple fountain grass and bright colored peppers also look amazing here with kale in fall planters.

beautiful fall planter garden with birch and pine cones

This planter above with conifers makes an easy transition from fall to winter and Christmas decorations by simply replacing the kale with red berry branches!

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Group 2: Fall Planter Ideas with Mums and Pumpkins

Mums and Violas are both great fall flowers for pots because they bloom beautifully in cool weather.

fall and thanksgiving decorations: a buckets with mums and pumpkins

Add some tall grasses, kale, and tuck in a few pumpkins to create gorgeous fall planters easily. ( Via Momcrieff | Greenlifegardens )

bright orange fall planters are great decorations for patios porch, and thanksgiving

We don’t even have t plant a fall planter! The above autumn container decoration is made with a rustic galvanized tub filled with colorful berry branches, straw, pumpkins, and dried corn. Such a beautiful celebration of fall harvest! ( Source lost, please let me know if you find the original source!)

fall container gardening with autumn colors

Another favorite: Lucy at Craftberry Bush created such beautiful fall decorations with planters and pumpkins on her front porch!

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Group 3: Yellow Daisies in Fall Planters

yellow daisies in fall planters and pots in garden

Daisies, Sunflowers, Black-eyed Susan, and Marigolds are all great fall flowers for pots. Their orange and yellow colors are lovely for fall decorations and container gardens. ( Sources for both above and below images are lost, please let me know if you find the original source, thank you!)

porch planter with colorful fall garden plants

Mix these flowers with tall grasses, blue and purple kale, and other fall decorations accents like berries, cat tails, or pumpkins to create beautiful fall container gardens.

Group 4: Purple and burgundy colors in Fall Planters

In addition to fall flowers, there are many beautiful foliage plants and dried seedpods which are great for fall decorations.

autumn garden plants in pot

Puple Kale and fountain grass in urn with mums and Creeping Jenny in a classic urn. ( Source )

gorgeous fall planters for Thanksgiving & fall decorations

Kimberly at Serendipity Refined always creates such beautiful fall decorations by her front entry!

colorful foliage fall garden plants

This artistic fall container is planted with Purple Pixie Loropetalum, ‘Lemon Lime’ Nandina,  ‘Fireworks’ Pennisetum, and ‘Alabama Sunset’ Coleus.

Coleus is such a great colorful plant that is so easy to grow and propagate! 

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purple and orange fall pots and container gardens

Purple Sweet Potato plants and Purple Huecheras look great with golden mums and orange pumpkins!  ( Via wildwaystogarden.com (site expired) | The Graceful Gardener )

fall and thanksgiving decorations planters with pumpkins

Create a dramatic fall display with bold foliage plants such as purple rubber plant and Crotons in first set of bowl planters, or Phormium ‘Platt’s Black’, Loropetalum ‘Plum Delight’, Rudbeckia, and Zinnias in second set of planters.

Group 5: Gorgeous Fall decorations in Urn Planters

Create stylish fall decorations with elegant urn planters, mums, pumpkins and kale! ( Via Stone Gable Blog)

how to plant fall container gardens

Wine-red coleus, golden Japanese Forest grass (Hakonechloa macra, zones 4 to 9) and lime-green sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas, zones 9 to 11) create a dramatic display. ( Source )

Below is a video tutorial on how to create your own decorative fall planters.

This artistic autumn arrangement below is made with Hydrangeas, Eucalyptus, and  Physalis alkekengi  (aka Chinese Lanterns ). ( Via Hensandchicks )

Group 6: Halloween decorations in Fall Planters

halloween dacorations with black branches and signs in planters

When it gets closer to Halloween, you can transform your fall decoration planters into Halloween planters easily by adding some painted black branches, a Halloween sign, or other decorative elements!  ( via canadiangardening | floresdelsol )

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Happy creating! See you next week!

source : https://www.apieceofrainbow.com/